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Originally Posted by slynrobbie View Post
No it didn't pass. I'm returning it. Beware of Ebay.
I'm not surprised. Any "fantastic price" is almost always too good to be true.

Glad H2TestW was able to be of value to you.

I went through a similar story a few years back when I bought my Class 2 32GB card to go along with my new J3, which at the time was just kind of brand new from SanDisk. I found a "great price" for what purported to be a 32GB card (no name given), but it turned out to be a 2GB card.

I was able to return it and get a refund for the counterfeit fake (through PayPal, or eBay, I forget now) and decided to buy from a "reputable" dealer on Amazon. Placed that order, and thought all was well.

A day later I got an email from Amazon that my order had been canceled, because the seller had been "complained about" by other buyers, purportedly delivering fake counterfeits. I then got an email from the seller, who was hysterically angry about this... insisting he had NEVER sold fakes, and was filing complaints against those buyers who'd "besmirched him" unjustifiably.

Anyway, I finally had to place yet a THIRD order for the 32GB card, this time from SanDisk's retail store. And of course each of my three orders was at a higher and higher price, which I had decided was the one way you could guarantee you were probably getting a real SanDisk "retail" item (although the second order probably would have been that).

Sure enough, the actual official retail SanDisk card arrived and it was genuine. Not cheap, but genuine.

So... just beware. Always use H2TestW to confirm you got what you bought. And be sure to buy from a seller (or online retailer/auction service) who guarantees refunds.

And if you are buying a 64GB card for the J3, remember: ALWAYS write/format through an external SD card reader connected to PC as an external USB drive, do NOT try to write/format while inserted in the J3 with the J3 connected to PC via USB. And use GuiFormat or SD Format utility to do the format to FAT32, not Windows' FORMAT.
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