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Originally Posted by Syndrome View Post
Yeah, I can't stress how great StartIsBack really is. It only costs $1 for a licence(providing you buy 5 licences). And it makes windows 8 operate identical to windows 7 in most everyday tasks(browsing, word processing, media). The only thing that you are required to do that is different are the computer settings(power options, wifi networks, control panel, and such). But even those aren't that bad once you get used to them.
I have it installed on my desktop now as a trial to test it out and I like it so far, better than Start8.

However I don't think I'll buy it myself because I've already adjusted to the Start screen. But from now on I will suggest getting a Windows 8 PC with StartIsBack instead of a Windows 7 PC to friends who ask for advice. Most of my friends are not tech-savvy and the Start screen would be hard to adjust to. But this is a perfect solution .
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