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Hi Syndrome, TheDarkSide referred me to you. I have an iAudio X5L that is having some audio problems. I believe my headphone jack has loosen after a fall and since then I'm unable to receive stereo sound without holding a headphone plug in a certain position. The same is true for the subpack, a problem which has existed for several years now but I worked around that by using the headphone jack when my X5L was being used as a stereo. My X5L also has several dents in the back metal case from several falls that I'd hope could be hammered out with the right tools. I replaced the original battery back in 2008 with a cell phone battery and for now it works but it would be nice to have 5-6 hours of play time.

So I'd like to hire your services to fix my audio problems (jack & subpack), take out my dents (if you can), and replace the battery if you have a new high quality battery.

I live in Maryland. Do you have spare internal iAudio parts? How long do you think the repair could take? How much would all of these repair requests cost me?


Christian (eloy_56***********)


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