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Originally Posted by BruceBanner View Post
Well he's not an IEM convert yet (which i think he should be), he wants something to commute with on the train to and from work. He has a long commute (1hr 40mins each way) so comfort would be high on the priorities. Also there is a 'quiet' carriage on the train now that he wouldn't be able to use cans as they would leak too much sound (unlike my wife who uses that carriage with her IEMs).
So he has it in his head to buy the V-Moda M100's, but at that price it'll be awhile till he can afford. I'm also wondering at all if he will be happy with them from his specific set of needs/constraints;

1) Can wear for 2hrs at a time without discomfort.
2) we live in Australia, It can be hot, i bet he would get very sweaty wearing them
3) They leak sound.

How to the XB500's wear? They look comfy as hell! What about an IEM alternative, I owned the V-Moda Vibe IEMs in the past, they were ok, I prefer my Soundmagic E10's, especially when you consider the price differences also..

XB500s are amazing, but NOT portable at all. If full-size/on-ear cans doesn't fold or doesn't have a good case for carrying, it becomes such a nuisance that he might stop listening to music altogether. I think your best bet is to convert him into IEMs, I've been down that line SO many times, switching back n forth between IEMs and full-size. I know where he is coming from, I love the details of my IEMs but love the soundstage and bass full size headphones provide. So now I've both:P. But as far as commuting on the train goes, I always stick to my IEMs, isolation and no sound leakage makes them the first choice.

Having said that, if you can't convert him to IEMs, I think the citiscape downtown/uptown (suggested above) are good. I've seen them on sale at local Winners for around 30/60, have tried them, great bang for buck. And when he has enough saved up he can move up the chain if he wants, since these are so cheap.

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