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Originally Posted by dawningistheday View Post
Oh my goodness. I hope so.
J3+ would be the bee's knees, even if all they did was give it 64GB internal memory.
You're not the only on that thinks that it seems. I've seen used J3s go for some incredible price when they've been available. There would no doubt be a market for new ones especially if they had that large a capacity.

The question would be if there would be enough of a market to make it financially viable for Cowon to gear up to make another run of the J3. A few dozen or even hundreds wouldn't seem to be enough to justify the purchase of the needed screens and other parts. When I read what other small market DAP makers say of minimum orders, it seems you need to order tens of thousands of items like LED screens to get taken seriously by the parts makers.

That would be a stack of money to lay out in a portable audio market that's being taken over by smart phones. A decent smartphone could possibly play audio every bit as well and have the advantage of appealing to a much wider customer base.
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