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Originally Posted by 3602 View Post
I do believe that they already have several proprietary pieces of firmware developed. Look at the X1000-series. Can't they just tack it on some hardware with a similar framework?
Then can of course keep selling the X1000 series. Sandisk has been selling the same AS3525 based players, first as the e200v2, then as the fuze, then clip+ and now Clip Zip. Its worked very well for them. But it also mean their players haven't changed in forever.

Probably the goal here was to cut costs while adding new features, and doing that with proprietary software would probably have been much harder. Adding new features to a proprietary system is likely to be expensive, as is porting it to new hardware. The alternative, take some free software that runs on a cheap system and already has support for things like mutlitouch and most video formats, was likely much cheaper.
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