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Good point. I will test with H2TestW. I did not say that Windows format worked. In fact it didn't. I used EaseUs Disk Partition to format it. It shows 64GB, but may be fake or defective because files copied to it tend to "disappear" after turning off PC and turning it back on again. In any case I'll probably go with a 32GB card just to avoid the hassle of trying to grip that small sucker between my fingernails every time I have to remove it.

I also have a 160GB X7 that I love--despite the sluggish screen and quirky navigation--for the long battery life & huge capacity (my collection grows and grows). What I'd love to find (but it isn't out there apparently) is an X7-ish PMP that has 3-digit GB capacity, plays flacs, doesn't worry about video & Internet connectivity, has a great battery life & Cowon quality sound. Right now every device I've researched tends to rely on SD cards and 32 to 64 GB internal flash memory. With flacs a 500GB player would be awesome.
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