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Originally Posted by 3602 View Post
My point being, the more expensive it is, the more professional looking the system should be. Android is not.
PMPs are a niche item made out of budget parts with the absolute minimum amount of software effort to get out the door since there is such a small market that has to support development costs. If you're expecting a high quality product, you're going to be disappointed. For highly integrated electronics, quality comes with volume.

Originally Posted by 3602 View Post
Also if they want to introduce a touch-screen flagship device, they should completely drop Android and go back to the proprietary OS used on their X1000-series.
But then they would have to pay for development of a proprietary OS, which would mean even more corner cutting elsewhere.

Originally Posted by 3602 View Post
Also what is the point of using a Tegra 2 on a music-orientated device anyway?
Its an obsolete mass-market SOC that is natively supported by AOSP since it there was a Google sponsored device using it. That makes it really cheap, both to buy the chip and because Google has already funded the software development needed to integrate it into the OS.
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