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Originally Posted by 3602 View Post
Implementation. I have never handled an F800, nor do I know its specs. However I know that on my Z1000, there were quirks here and there back when it was Android 2.3. Quirks such as no sound would play when I press Play (but the progress bar advances) or the home page music widget not showing the correct song currently playing. Also that dreadful lag on the W. Control.

This was all 2.3, mind you, and when Sony made that Android ICS, things got worse. I don't know whether the device is running out of RAM or something, but normal music playing stutters. It's like playing Crysis on a Gateway FX and still pushing it to Very High. I did wipe/wipe (Android reset mode) and Factory resets to no avail. The X1000-series had its problems, but from what I know, at least that system doesn't lag and stutter and "Sorry the application 'Home' has stopped working".

Why can't they just use the system they already use on the A86x?
because android can do a lot more and if you are paying that kind of premium for a media player you kind of expect it to do more than just music? seems more of a sony problem than an android problem to be honest. they have always been pretty good at creating gadgets but sometimes the firmware just isn't up to snuff or they are too backwards thinking to think people might actually want to do something like i dunno have music played in the background of all ps3 games.
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