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I recently purchased a White 4.2, CW/XEU, knowing it was not for USA, because I wanted White, and only Black was made for USA. Am having a problem with the WIFI quick key as it will not work properly. If I turn it off in drop menu (quick key) it will not turn back on. The only way to turn WIFI back on is to reboot, which is a PIA.

Called Samsung Tech support, and was told to restore to factory, which did not correct the problem. The Tech person I spoke with told me Warranty is an International warranty, but it is the service centers that are causing the problem. The US center is the one refusing the EU warranty as they cannot easily get parts for EU models. According to the Tech, part numbers are different for both models, even tho they are in fact the same product.

Black was purchased as a refurb, and never had a problem. White was purchased from a third party and was NEW in sealed box. Really undecided on whether to return for refund, or keep it, and reboot whenever I need to go on WIFI, as all else is working great. Wanted the White as a backup to my Black 4.2 since the batteries are replaceable, and I use the Kindle app often.

Does anyone else here have the White EU version and using in US? Are you having any problems with it?

Thanks for any help/info provided.
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