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Originally Posted by 3602 View Post
In my personal opinion, Sony needs to completely scrap the so-called "S-Master" (or MX) amplification, which I have not yet understood to-date.

They also need to start making players without output coupling capacitors on the headphone out and seriously lower the output impedance. Also if they want to introduce a touch-screen flagship device, they should completely drop Android and go back to the proprietary OS used on their X1000-series. The DSEE function measurably functions on the X1000 but not the new Z1000. From available test graphs, activating DSEE on the Z1000 has no impact on high-frequency intensity whatsoever. Maybe it's Android. Also what is the point of using a Tegra 2 on a music-orientated device anyway?

Countless people have criticized the lack of external expansion slots on Walkman players. I understand, but I really cannot say anything about that since, well, personal opinion.

I find myself to agree more and more with the whole "portable audio only needs to be good enough" point of view. I did just rig up an inexpensive CD-speaker system and I don't want to listen to my numerous headphones anymore.

Phones, though, I still see music-playing abilities on phones as something tacked-on at the last minute.

Ganz Europa erobert
Why go back to the propietary os? I like Android and it's super customizable. If anything sony should create their own launcher/and music app on top of android and put that on their. As far as micro sd slot is concerned I really don't care either way as long as it has enough for my music. I have about 12gb music right now so a 16gb player is fine but when I can get a 32gb card for $20 it's hard to argue for getting a walkman over a sansa just for that reason alone. Especially when the sansa is half the price. I love my walkman e-475 but there is no way i would have paid full retail most likely. I just happened to have enough sony rewards points to get it. I think that if sony is going to stay in the market they have to offer something as compelling as sansa at a similar price of they will vanish.
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