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Old 03-12-2013, 08:38 AM
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Welcome to ABi

I'd think your suggestion won't be very helpful here. This thread was first opened over 4 years ago. Not only that it's about a player that hasn't been produced for quite a while. To add to that the standard length of proprietary connector cable that is used on that player is over 42 inches. Going DIY or finding a custom cable would have been the only way to have used a shorter cable.

Please note the date on a thread before you reopen it. I'd also read it completely and see if what you have in mind will actually work in the situation being discussed. If you believe your thoughts or experience may be helpful it's better to open a new thread and reference the older thread. In this case your advice might help someone with a Clip connectivity problem but it can't help anyone that might open this because you bumped it to the top again.

I'm not sure what the issue is with your Clip and longer cables. The ones I use most often with my different Clips are about 4 ft long. They connect reliably to both charge and transfer data. If yours is working differently a guess would be that there's an issue with the Clip's connector or the USB port on your PC. Trying different USB ports helps with that sometimes.

In any case this old thread has served it's purpose. I'll be closing it now. If you want to discuss connectivity on your Clip please open a new thread in the appropriate subforum.

Thread Closed


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