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Originally Posted by muzikfrrrik View Post
Anyone to confirm that with latest Rockbox builds battery time is shorter than with the ones at the early builds of the port?
I'm not sure yet but you may be on to something here. I can't find my Clip Zip to battery bench that but I did one one my Clip+ after your post stirred my interest. I got 13 hrs. 45 min using the 3.12 release. Not to shabby for a player that's almost 3 years old.

The thing is when I battery benched the same player using a development release (6c5bc31-130210) just a month ago I only got 10 hrs. 47 mins. I put it down to the age of the player but these new results have me wondering.

I'm not 100% of the conditions of the last battery bench but I am this time. I'm conducting another test under the exact same conditions to confirm one way or the other. I wouldn't want to file a bug report because I screwed up the test conditions somehow.

I'm using the same playlists of -V2 mp3s with just the 3.12 Release or the latest dev build (143bcfa-130310) The only setting change I've made is to repeat the playlist. Once that finishes up I'll have what's needed to file a bug report if there's a significant change in runtime.
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