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I use a set of Sennheiser MM450's with my Galaxy S3, for most of my work day and I don't have any complaints about sound quality... I also have a spare battery charging at my computer for when I leave for home and then use them on my commute and at home.

They now also have the APT-X bluetooth profile on the newer versions which apparently does something right as people say it improves sound quality or something- I dunno. I would personally go for the discounted older generation Non "X" versions, as the Apt-X versions cost like $300+

Oh and if you want more variety- get a Sony Ericsson MW-600 and use whatever the heck headphones you want. I use one of those with my Phonak Audéo Perfect Bass and TMA-1's and I have never felt the need to complain about audio quality- occasionally I will cause a loss of signal but then its just a case of pocketing the BT receiver somewhere where it isn 't as easily blocked. With the headphones I pretty much need to be sitting on my phone to block the audio- and even then the signal won't break completely just skip once or twice to let me know its having a hard time bouncing the signal in the room I'm in.

I will say though, that you should only use Bluetooth if you have a phone, MP3 players rarely have good bluetooth chips in them. Except an iPod Touch or a Sony Player, those usually have as good bluetooth as high end phones. I've had some bad experiences with Archos Tablets and bluetooth- so I'm guessing they cut corners on their cheaper products.
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