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It's doubtful they were ever going to service the unit. I've dealt with similar issues with warranty repair after buying from 3rd party vendors. That's usually anyone that isn't an authorized dealer. The way the warranty is written on most devices you're excluded from warranty claims because you're not the original purchaser. The vendor you bought from has the warranty, not you.

From the Samsung Warranty page
Samsung Galaxy Player Limited Warranty

If you read the warranty fully you'll see
...(j) Product used or purchased outside the United States.
You may have purchased the product from a US based vendor but if it wasn't designated for the US market the Amazon Marketplace vendor can't have bought it in the US. No authorized Samsung dealer would have had it in their stock to sell it there. That alone would relieve Samsung US of any warranty responsibility.

My experience wasn't with Samsung but the results have been the same. Anything that doesn't fully comply with the written warranty terms will cause a manufacturers service center to refuse warranty service.
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