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Originally Posted by The DarkSide View Post
Lets be honest here, smartphones are now equal in sq to most portable audio playing devices. And the battery life has majorly improved in some instances. The Motorola Droid RAZR devices are just one example.

PMP's are dead, replaced by the Android players most companies are releasing. The exception seems to be Cowon, who keep releasing outdated garbage in a last ditch effort to grab as much cash as they can before all their once loyal customers abandon them. Samsung & Sony are going Android as well, we all know.

There are still the lower end players, such as Sansa & some Sony players,...those will remain. And the iPod touch (if you hate it or luv it makes no difference) will also be around for quite some time.

And the Best Buy locations around me still have a dedicated section for players, accessories, and the like for customers to browse & demo stuff. The players aren't dead yet,...but the smartphone is well equipped now to replace the standalone player. Saying they don't sound good is BS.
TDS I will agree that Smartphones are as good as most MMP's but most MMP's are not really good sounding either. For example I was wondering what to do with my HTC EVO. Sprint will give me about $25 for the damn thing in a buyback. I have several batteries for the damn thing so my though was to use it as an MMP/DAP. The Evo sounds better than my SGP and yes, with everything turned off I am getting long battery life using it as a player. I also deleted most of the apps or disabled them as well. I am only two days in my experiment the using the Phone as a DAP so the verdict is still out.

However TDS, in my area, the Mp3 department of Best Buys are getting smaller and smaller I have noticed and the selection is getting limiting.
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