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Originally Posted by Big Sky View Post
I have yet to find one. I will admit that most phones out there now are as good as most Mp3 players and maybe better. Sony, Cowan players were head and shoulders above all other wanna be Mp3 players as far as sound was concerned. Mostly they were Media players with a strong emphasis on sound/Mp3. There are some that listen to music for long hours and a MMP/DAP better serves that purpose. The other hand Phones capable of playing music have shorter battery life especially and iXxx or an Android phone and you don't want to be without phone service because you wanted to listen to music, nor be tied to a charger whether a car or wall outlet.
Yes that is one of the reasons I still use a dedicated player. Constant usage drains the battery so quickly. If I leave the house at 9am and don't come home to 1am I would really like still have some juice left. True story did that last year and managed to lose my wallet. Cell phone died right after I got off the phone with the credit card company. I have other reasons like not even having to change my focus when switching tracks or not having to be worried about someone taking advantage and doing a grab and dash of my phone right out of my hand. With smartphones being so expensive off contract it can get really lucrative to steal them and sell on ebay. It's much harder to steal my phone and run off if it's in my pocket.
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