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I have 2 YP-F3:
-a sample/prototype from Samsung Korea with FM tuner. The only difference with mass production version is the CSTN panel.
-a European mass production version without FM tuner
That helps a lot to make this kind of volume tests and avoid placebo effects.

Using my Westone UM3x I can't really go over volume 10-15 without destroying my ears and the difference between US/KR and EU code is not really significant (volume 15 on EU = volume 12-13 on US/KR)

Then I plugged standard shitty earbuds and set the maximal volume (without putting them in my ears of course^^) and indeed at max volume there is a well audible difference between US/KR and EU.

As a result, from the loudest to the quietest: US/KR>EU>FR

This result surprises me a bit since Samsung used to put a volume cap only in FR region code. On older players EU is exactly as loud as KR. I should investigate on when Samsung introduced this volume cap in EU code. I don't remember KR is louder than EU on the YP-Q3 for example.

On the other hand, only people with some demanding headphones (depends on the impedance and sensitivity) may get annoyed by this volume cap. People with sensitive IEM like me will never face this issue.

PS: The YP-F3 is one of the worst Samsung player ever released, it sucks so much that I did not even review it, which is very rare... Bad quality screen (very low refresh rate, poor colors, low contrast), slow UI, bad battery life, the battery even discharges itself while the player is supposed to be OFF. Only the price is interesting in this player....
You should get a YP-U7 for sports instead. Just pick up one at Saturn in Berlin or wherever you live in Germany and you'll see what is a "really good MP3 device"
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*

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