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For what it's worth, I had to repair a set of Sennheiser IEMs which have very thin wires and a little kind of enamel like the user above mentioned. With literally no experience soldering and a random guide from the internet I repaired them pretty handily. Like the user above said, the iron will melt through whatever is protecting it.

I had used this guide
even though my cables looked different on the inside. Like some kind of candy cane of different materials on each of 4 cables...

Course there is always a risk of messing it up, but my decision was made easy when I knew they were garbage if I didn't fix them. If you can order a backup cable from Senn, maybe your decision can be easy too. Otherwise I would probably tie and elastic to neatly bunch up some excess cable before I reached for the electric tape. Sorry I can't speak for your specific cable, but I would think the only difference is maybe your wires won't be as delicately thin ;p
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