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Originally Posted by kp-j3 View Post
I've never paid attention to those generic eq labels, and if I can't see through them to what they are actually doing, then it just turns me off to the product altogether.

I'd argue that the year tag would be more valuable then the genre tag as a 'metal' album (or any genre for that matter) from decade to decade would sound totally different.

But the appeal of what you describe would seem to have a limited audience.
True, i don't use rock eq for rock, or jazz for jazz either, but im guesisng they all share similar trends across different eq platforms. Year tag, genre tag whatever, my point is there is no automatic switch of eq to different styles/genres of music, yet we are given a gazillion presets and 4 custom eq in cowon players alone. Other players also have many presets as do software players like foobar, winamp etc.
I can't understand why what I suggest would be a limited audience appeal, its simple, they haven't thought of it.

I can't be the ONLY one who has eq set x and another song comes on and its the wrong eq for that track, everyone one of us (when that happens) has to dig our player out of our pocket and do some navigating to change eq, by now 1min of the song has passed :/
I can't be the only that that has this problem, has no one thought of having an intelligent player that switches eq on yer behalf (with consent and eq of yer choice of course)?
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