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Ahh okay, well thanks for the comments. Definitely answered my question on whether or not Cowon BBE has already been replaced by various android apps :P. If anyone has a different experience (perhaps that BBE is just like Neutron or otherwise), feel free to post about it and I will consider it!

At this point, looks like I'll stick with a Cowon and hope that the Z2 battery doesn't bother me as much as it does other people (I will miss only charging my i7 once a week).


In case anyone actually sees this thread at any point, I figured I'd update it with my experiences... The Z2 has been fantastic and the battery has not bothered me at any point. I have been able to play music for at least 12 hours in one day without the battery hitting less than 1/4 use. Charging is incredibly easy considering I use it as a replacement for my TV at night (I do recommend getting some speakers if you plan on doing the same). As with any android device, TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE when you don't need the internet.
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