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Old 02-16-2013, 10:07 AM
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I know I made this thread more than a year back or so, but I didn't find it necessary to make a new one simply to add some more suggestions.

For people who are still on the hunt for music like PT, I found (a while ago, but was too lazy to get up and post about it) two more bands-

The Pineapple Thief - I'm deadly serious when I say this guy sounds almost like Steven Wilson himself, forget the comparisons with the music. I'd say Bruce Soord (lead of TPT) can get a lot more tender and vulnerable than SW could, plus his range is a lot more wider too. Really solid band, especially Tightly Unwound (2008) and the spectacular Someone Here is Missing (2010). I'd say this is the band that matches the PTree sound the best.

I'm still trying to get into their new album 'All the Wars'. It's a different sound from what they had, but still good. I had a lot more difficulty getting into PT's The Incident, and honestly this isn't that 'hard'.

Pure Reason Revolution - Fairly unknown band I think. Their pattern is kind of weird though; starting at Prog roots and moving towards a lot more electronic sound. Their 2006 album 'The Dark Third' is simply fantastic! Well musically I'd say, cause I still can't make out half their lyrics plus what's audible doesn't make too much sense as well. Their later albums are not the kind of music I like, sounds a lot like Coldplay's newer offerings (which I despise- well maybe Viva La Vida, which was slick).

What mainly sets this band apart are the vocals- you have a female lead apart from the male front as well, and I absolutely love her voice. It adds a nice feeling overall, and somewhat make the sound different as well- but that may as well be placebo.

It sucks that they split up though- I was mesmerized by that one album, only to end up finding out that this was just a 'taste' with no exploration left to do.
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