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Welcome to ABi

Looking up that model it appears to be a EU version of the GoGear Vibe. As I don't have one I can't be sure but I'd guess the issue is the firmware is limiting the volume according to the region. If there's a way to reset that to a region other than the EU, that may help. Look for a way to reset the player and choose another region.

I don't believe you can change your region in Songbird but if you can that may also be a way to access a firmware that isn't volume limited. This thread is a couple years old and what Songbird does may have changed in that time.

Philips products also have a volume limiting app called SafeSound. If that's active disabling that may help.

Remember, this is coming from someone that doesn't have the player you're asking about. I'm guessing based on experience with other players that have firmware updates that remove the EU limits like Cowon and sandisk products. None of this is guaranteed to help and trying to install a different firmware may actually brick your player. Consider that before you start trying to make changes based on my advice.

If you're not able to get around any volume limit that may be in place you may want to get an amp. Something like the Fiio E6 gives a clean boost of 6 dB and shouldn't break the bank. In most cases that's enough of an increase to bring the volume to an acceptable level.
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