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Originally Posted by Polantaris View Post
Hello everyone. I was hoping someone more experienced with Cowon players can help me out.

I recently got a C2. I've been liking it except for one major problem - Playlists.
I read on other forums and what not that you need to create Extended .m3us with Relative paths to create playlists that the C2 can read. I've tried everything. I've used addons for MediaMonkey that do this, I've used user created programs, I've used just about every program I can find to try and make playlists, however whenever I load them up in my C2, I always get "No File" no matter what I do.

It's getting to the point of ridiculousness. Nothing I do will get it to work properly. I was wondering if anyone has a program or something that is able to make whatever magic format on m3us that the C2 wants that other programs are unable to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I don't use playlists that much, but i'm pretty sure this method worked for me when i did it as a test a few weeks back (TDS confirmed it I think).

1) Install Winamp.
2) Ensure winamp does NOT add anything to its media library, i.e no music files on yer pc etc.
3) connect C2 to computer.
4) if winamp detects C2 and wants to use it etc, just say no and close that window down.
5) now add media to the library in winamp, BUT ensure you point the library to the music on yer C2 or microsdcard, not from the main music on yer pc.
6) now essentially u have winamp acting as a playlist maker for yer music on yer C2
7) Create playlists in winamp, then save those playlists to the ROOT folder of whereever that music is stored. Here's an indepth explanation of what i did;

a) my music is stored on the microsdcard of my C2 and not on the actual C2 itself.
b) Winamp media library is pointing to THAT location and no other.
c) Once winamp has added those songs to its library i loaded songs into the playlist.
d) i then saved the playlist (.m3u i think) and placed that .m3u list onto the main root folder of the microsdcard.
e) disconnect the player from pc, shut winamp down etc.
f) then when u boot yer c2 up and navigate to playlist folder i saw that the c2 had found the playlist file on the root of the microsdcard (EVEN THO THIS FOLDER EXISTS ON THE MAIN C2 PLAYER IN EXPLORER WINDOWS I DID NOT PLACE IT INSIDE THEIR).
g) play the playlist file on c2 and it was successful.

So i think the playlist folder is a little confusing because i never placed playlist files inside it, but when accessing it on the c2 it finds m3u files on the system whereever they are.

Suffice to say I got playlists working within 10mins of trying on the c2...
No editing of playlists or nuthing, just intelligent trial and error of dumping the playlist file in the right location etc.

Originally Posted by Polantaris View Post
In my frustration, I bought an X9 to see if it would be better in the playlist department. It wasn't. I like the device better than the C2, though, honestly, except for my fear that I won't be able to charge it in a week, because the thing has a horrible connector. Out of the box it won't stay connected to the USB port, and the connector that came with it doesn't even fit into the player!
The c2 has a very stiff connector, at first glance I too thought i was getting flakey connection, but i simply needed to be more gutso with the insertion, so don't be shy, give that cable a good deep push inside (lol), when its fully inserted there is no way in hell it will fall out accidentally, u could swing the C2 around yer head without fear of it flying off, if this isn't the case for you then its not properly inserted far enough in.

PS Don't make me upload a video of me swinging my c2 around my head via its usb cable...
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