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Old 02-07-2013, 07:22 AM
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Back in 1971, Jürg Jecklin came out with his first Jecklin Float. At that time nobody could consider that the Float will get famous not only for the next 4 decades. Even today the concept behind the Float is close to perfect in it`s kind.

"The goal of the developement was to have a monitor system which allows a better control of what they are doing in a recording studio. For this purpose the Float has been designed as a tool, better than any monitor speaker in a room that hasn’t a perfect acoustic.” (translation: fono forum 9/1971). Over the years the Float became a cult product. Recording engineers use them in there daywork and musiclovers from all over the globe enjoy it`s natural sound.

Jürg Jecklin lounched the new Float QA together with the new uncompromisingly designed power supply. Both produced by QUAD Musikwiedergabe, Germany. They also take direct orders. Delivery will get organised either direct from QUAD Musikwiedergabe or through your local dealer.
Some call it a lucky fortune. After the first considerations soon it turned out that the concept behind the Float still is perfect in it`s kind. The Float is demanding it`s position in the professional world. For private use the Float or better the new Float QA offers natural sound. Without any flou of what we usually feel as disadvantages of heaphones. Float QA, in fact means two small electrostatic speakers. Perfectly placed in the right position to each ear. Benefit from a natural open sound which allowes to listen to music for hours. That`s why we can call the new Float QA “wagnertauglich”. As in a concert hall the listener keeps the perfect orientation in the room. Soon they came to a conclusion what the benefits of the new Float QA shall be:

The new Float QA need to be comfortable.

The new Float QA shall be of less weight and the listener don`t even need to feel the weight on his head.

All benefits of the electrostatic panels need to keep untouched. Means the outer frame for the panels must not have an impact of the sound.

The power supply (in former versions the transformers limited the quality of the system) need to be designed in a uncompromisingly way, using the best transformers which are available for this purpose.

The connection between the Float and the power supply need to be of a good quality.

For the Quad Atelier this was the “go” to start to find a new solution. The first idea was to create a kind of a copy of the original Jecklin Float and add some extras to get the Float more comfortable. In fact it was Jürg Jecklin himself who gave us the idea of a light and self-supporting frame to hold the electrostatic panels. Thuch a frame would be a perfect solution to hold the panels in position in front of the ears. In the Quad Atelier they designed different frames, tested different materials and considered new ways to produce them. At the end of the day QUAD Musikwiedergabe succeeded in designing a new frame which convienced even Jürg Jecklin. The new Float QA is better than the old one. In respect of the new power supply it was clear to use the best transformer design. The weight of the new power supply is close to 10Kg. But because of the uncompromoisingly design the new power supply not only is a good match with the new Float QA headphone. The best thing is, that the new power supply is a wonderful match also with the old original Float. Means everyone who own a original Jecklin can buy the new power supply and can expect a huge increase of the quality.

“The claim of the Quad Atelier is to keep all of the original good ideas which stand behind the product since many years and add some details which we think will help to get those products prepared for the future". Products which has been in production for thuch a long periode must be of a certain quality. This means the only thing we are allowed to do in the name of the former developers is to add some smaller details to make them ready for the next decades. Manfred Stein

Jecklin Float QA headphone 1395,--€
Jecklin Float QA power supply 1395,--€

Well, I'm not buying them...29.gifblink.gif
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Old 02-07-2013, 02:25 PM
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It kinda goes without saying that anyone who would think orange glasses are cool would also like those monstrosities.
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Old 02-07-2013, 04:38 PM
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Look, supposedly they sound amazing. But, I personally don't give a SHAT about what they sound like, I'll frigging PASS!!!
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