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Default I need help choosing a new MP3/4 player

I'm new here on these forums, and I thought I might ask your advice.

My old Creative Zen is slowly dying out(audio jack doesn't connect perfectly anymore leading to weird sound jumps when the cable moves, and battery life has gone from 20 hours to about 5) and I'm looking for a replacement.

I've got some requirements. Considering the size of my library, I'll need at least 32GB of storage. I'd like a SD slot as well. The player itself can have a smaller storage capacity of, say, 16 GB, as long as it integrates the music stored on the SD card.

I mostly just listen to music during my 2 hour commute from home to my college, with the occasional video. I don't need any apps or internet stuff. Videoquality doesn't need to be very high, since that's not the main use of the device. I've got a laptop running a 64bits win7 and a desktop running a 32bits vista, and I would like them both to be compatible with the player.

As long as it's not tablet huge, display size doesn't matter that much, at least the 2.5 size I have right now on my Zen.

Batterylife shouldn't be below 20 hours music/5-6 hours video.

I don't care that much about controls, but if I had to give a preference it would be buttons.

My budget tops out at about 200 pounds/230~ euro's. (Not including good earphones and SD cards and other accessories)

I live in the Netherlands, but I think enough uk based companies ship here that this isn't a big problem.

I'm kind of getting lost in the available options, and I'd really like help in choosing a new player.

Thanks in advance!


Even though I posted all the details in the post, I'll use the format from the official guidelines here:

  • Location: Netherlands
  • Capacity: 16-32GB with a SD card slot
  • Budget: 230 euro's
  • Use: Mostly listening to music during my commute, with the occasional video
  • Type/Design: Either DAP or PMP
  • Features: I don't really need any apps like games or calculators or internet, while a mic might be nice, it's not necessary. I'm not one to fiddle with music so more then volume controls isn't a a must. I doubt I'll be listening to radio, so I don't need that either. I would like gapless playback.
  • Display: I'd like a display at least the size of my current zen which is 2.5
  • UI/Controls: I'd prefer normal buttons, but touch screens are acceptable
  • Battery life: At least 20 hours for music and 5-6 for video.

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