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Hi Marcellinus
It sounds more like fried charging circuit, the H300 and H100 series of players don't like anything above 5V. Though the fact that you player trys to boot does point away from this a bit.
First thing to try would be to disassemble the player and smell and inspect the circuit board for overheated components.
Second is to disconnect the battery and try starting the player with just the charger connected. If alls fine then try another battery. they are fairly cheap off ebay.
It may even be worth listening to the hard drive to see if its spinning up and even disconnecting it on the small chance its faulty and drawing to much current. though I doubt this will be you problem.
Disassembly instructions are here,d.dGY or google for iriver h320 battery replacement.
There are links for the schematics for the player here
and a component list here
All the best.
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