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I cannot speak firsthand about MediaMonkey. I find it far too intrusive for my tastes, and don't like that it "does everything for you" rather than my controlling it.

I do not use MediaMonkey, and don't like it (I have tried it, and quickly uninstalled it). So I really know nothing about it. Maybe others can help you here, if you have questions about it. But I don't trust it, and I don't trust its "sync" or other "magic".

Instead I use Beyond Compare (really like Windows Explorer with two panes/windows open at once, so that you can compare/copy/move/mirror from left-to-right or right-to-left), to maintain my J3, doing maintenance with MP3Tag on my PC's music collection folders/files and then using Beyond Compare to duplicate those changes onto the J3.

I do NOT use MP3Tag on the J3, because if I have to make any tag edits after creating my music files I need to do them on the PC anyway. And since it's far faster to update the files on the PC rather than on the J3 that's where I do the tag edits.

Next, my experience is that something about "replace" of files on an SD card in the J3 or through an external card reader is that it is not 100% reliable. I have often seen no update take place on the J3, even though I know that I just did "replace" an old file/tag with an updated file/tag. This seems to happen mostly when all I did was edit tags and not change the music file itself.

So my approach is always to first DELETE the file on the J3 that I want to replace, and then to COPY the updated file from the PC to the J3. The effect is obviously no different than a true REPLACE, but DELETE/COPY is 100% guaranteed to work whereas REPLACE for some reason is not 100% reliable.

Finally, it really goes without saying but I'll say it again anyway: when you are done with whatever maintenance you do to files on the J3 you must first "safely remove hardware", and then when Windows presents the "it is now safe to remove hardware" message you can now pull the USB cable out of the PC. THIS IS MANDATORY PROCEDURE for any update to a removable drive connected in MSC mode (i.e. when Windows assigns a drive letter), to guarantee that Windows flushes out all updated data that might still be sitting in buffers on the PC. With "safely remove hardware" once those data buffers are written out to the removable device the "it is now safe" message will appear confiming to you that all updates to the removable device have truly been applied.

So... my recommendation to you is NOT to use MediaMonkey for maintaining the J3 (although others may feel differently). Use either Windows Explorer, or Beyond Compare, or Free Commander, or any other Explorer-like program that gives you complete 100% manual control over everything you want to do... with nothing "automatic" occurring that you didn't request.

Then, do not maintain the tags for the music files on the J3. Do the maintenance on your PC collection, as it is much faster.

Then, again I recommend to first DELETE the files on the J3 which you want to REPLACE, and then simply COPY the updated files from PC to J3. That will guaranteed 100% work reliably. At least that's how I do it.

And finally, always "safely remove hardware" when you're done, before pulling the USB cable out of the PC. Only when Windows shows "it is now safe..." should you then pull the cable.
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