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Lightbulb FLAC to FLA rename problem SOLVED once and for all.

Greetings and Salutations!

This is my first post here and I have to share this fix for a really annoying problem!

I have a Colorfly C3 and recently .flac files stopped showing up as music files, if I renamed them to .fla everything worked perfectly but I did NOT want the hassle of changing file extensions all the time. I see that this affects the Cowon Players as well.

I did some searching and found nothing, except for "Your files are bad", "It's an ID3 tag problem" and other foolishness like that...

The REAL problem is with Windows and it's lovely Long File Name function.
NOT everybody has this problem, but for the ones that do, here is the scoop.

When you copy Song.flac to your player it will show up in your directory view as Song.flac, but on your device it shows up as SONG~1.FLA, this is a proper working Windows LFN and your songs will show up and play.

With the LFN problem the Song.flac file shows up on your player as SONG~1.FL~ this is why they wont play or show up.

If you rename the file to Song.fla then the extension is only 3 letters so Windows will not change it and leave it as .FLA

You can test all this by bringing up a CMD prompt on your player's drive.
And using DIR /X to show the LFN truncation...

I have read that some people reload their Windows and it solves the problem. This told me that it is not a FLAC file bitrate, ID3 Tag, Corruption or any other problem.

So I posted the question to the Amazing folks at Icrontic and within an hour shwaip a user there, had the problem answered and fixed by changing one registry key and a reboot.

Here is my thread over at Icrontic.

The fix is the Win95TruncatedExtensions registry key in HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem section, your set that to a 1 and Windows stops changing the extension from .FLA to .FL~

Here is the TechNet article, it speaks of a fix for Server 2003 but it works on XP and Windows 7.

Hope this helps those who are still renaming FLAC's for their players.

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Something is really screwed up with your computer if VFAT support isn't working. Probably time to do a reformat and reinstall.

Edit: Oh is it just on your player? You probably have a corrupted file system that, to windows, looks like it doesn't have VFAT. A reformat should fix that.
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Well I found out what caused this in the first place, it was ComboFix that changes the Win95TruncatedExtensions key to 0.

That's what I get for cleaning up a virused HD for a friend...

So prolly not VFAT support isn't working... and nor is something in my system "Really Screwed Up". The problem happens on USB Sticks, Hard Disks, SD cards... So it's not a corrupted file system either as that is what that registry key is supposed to do to extensions when it is set to 0, but thanks for your input.
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