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Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
I think it depends on which stereo enhance you are talking about, for some DAPs its just presets and there are some real good VST plug-ins for pc’s that have various controls. Regardless it’s firmware or software that modifies the width of the stereo signal and very similar to crossfeed. Typically the adjustment can be made for low, mid and high frequencies separately with good software. The separation of the frequency-bands is achieved by means of linear-phase FIR-filters.
Thank you.

So when you say VST plug-ins, you mean like for Pro Tools and things like that right?

While that's some good information, I'm really talking about if specific information is known about how the "Stereo Enhance" works in JetEffect 3.0 like on the Cowon J3 or S9.

There is of course no reason why "crossfeed" can't be achieved through software, as a matter of fact, I'm guessing it may even be better/more accurate if you then also have an amp with good benchmark specification. My question is if that's the case here and if this "Stereo Enhance" function does anything more than just essentially decrease the stereo width (which it does in fact seem to do). I haven't really analyzed it that much and before I do, if I do, I'd like to know exactly what it's made to do and what it therefore does, if anybody knows..

Thanks again!
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