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No disrespect but i take any review by any gadget/mainstream site with a massive grain of salt. This includes sites such as engadget and gizmodo. If its a product you know well and they review it, its hilarious how wrong they can get it. Now that's not to mean theverge are bad per se, but i rarely take anything said in such reviews seriously.
That's one thing that drew me to ABI, the reviews are actually fair, balanced, detailed with an added forum element allowing for verification of certain issues.
The other thing about reviews like this is they often rush it to be 'the first' to get a review out of a certain device. Since Gizmodo reviewed the 808 (for example), its price tag was $799AUD (from, it is now $450, so goes to show how long ago that review was, and since then Symbian has had a few updates to fix certain bugs. It would be nice to have a review that is later, or a revisited review...
BUT... and this is most important, reviews like this encompass EVERYTHING to get a final rating/conclusion. I'm not fooling myself here, i'm well aware certain features of this 'smartphone' are gonna be dumb as f**k, calling it a smartphone is probably a joke, cameraphone is more realistic. But i don't think i'm necessarily needing a smartphone anyway... I want a phone and good camera in one device, this phone seems to be tipped the best at those two jobs job. (but my all means if u have another suggestion point away!)

I have read elsewhere that the 808 uses Symbian better than any other device to date i.e. the hardware and software are working really well together. On other forums (where i have posted similar question), I get mixed opinions, some say go for it, others say wait...

I'll be honest, in the little time i have spent asking these questions about Symbian yer the first to tell me that it can't even do basics adequately (like calls, txts without reboots). But i take yer point, i am jumping to assumptions and more research is required. I did read that the latest update of Symbian has allowed for multitouch keyboard input (something that is very basic by android and IOS standards), but i wonder if any mainstream reviews had this update included? Maybe it did and it still sucked lol. Perhaps I can live with it...
This is why I prefer to post within forum communities rather than go by any major glossy review.
But still I point you to the actual review you gave me and list the verdict 'Good and Bad Stuff.'

Good Stuff:
1) Beats every other cameraphone by a wide margin (this is numero uno importance to me). It's not just good, its silly awesumly good.
2) 38 megapixel photos are surprisingly good
3) Great call quality (well that's a turn up for the books as this is actually fairly important to me).

Bad Stuff:
Web browser unusable (np i never use mine on my S2, maybe once/twice a year)
Symbian Belle feels like a terrible imitation of Android (maybe i can live with that)
Low-res display (not a problem, not gonna watch moves or anything on it)
Camera hump is a hindrance (can live with that, infact i might buy the larger battery and make the rear section flat).

I guess my thinking is this. Yes later on Nokia is gonna release another pureview 'smartphone', it's prolly gonna be better than this 808. BUT it will cost like $800 new (or more), that's outta my budget. Hopefully the new release will push the price of the 808 down (maybe some second hand ones popping up later this year). If i can grab it now for $450, later surely less, and it might actually do everything i need it to do (adequately).

So far (and i appreciate everyone's effort), i'm not getting anything that's actually flagging up a red flag. What i must do now is find out how stable it is for calls and txts.
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