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Default The future of Symbian and what does it mean?

I'm looking for some answers regarding the future of Symbian and specifically the Nokia Pureview 808.

Right now i own the Galaxy S2, I have 1 yr left on my contract before i can buy a different phone. It has been an interesting experience owning a smartphone, but overall I use it for just calls, txts, photos, photo editing (like nice effects) and finally uploading to fb. The odd app here and there are a welcome edition but not crucially important. No emails, no browsing.

In a years time i'd like to replace my s2 with a smartphone equipped with a better camera, more megapixels, better low lighting conditions, burst, better macro etc.

Currently my point and shoot is a Sony DSC-TX5, it does 1cm macro and 10 burst pics in 1 second. It's a decent camera. If i can get a smartphone with close parameters to that I will be chuffed.

So... what is the camera software like on the Symbian? Does it allow for post editing, croping, brightness, contrast and even silly effects?
Does it allow for sharing/direct upload to fb?

With the future of Symbian looking doomed, in a years time (when i am in a position to actually upgrade from my current phone) what will be Symbian's position (what are the future implications)? Will it be a case of no updates, could things like fb uploading cease to work (as fb has moved on in terms of updates and Symbian left behind with no support...)
What is the future prognosis for this camera phone with an obsolete OS?

I'm just looking to replace my point and shoot with a camera phone, and the 808 is tipped to be best, i'm also not made of money, as I type this I can get one for $497AUD, hopefully in a years time it will be even lower, I'm not sure I can afford the latest and best Nokia win 8 phone

Cheers for any feedback,

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