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Default DAP for in car/home use to replace dead Sansa Fuze

My 8GB+32GB Sansa Fuze's battery has decided to die so I need a new player. I've been 95% happy with the Fuze over the past three and a half years so if I can find a player that will match it and cover the odd niggles I'll be happy.

My current set up was an 8GB Fuze + 32GB microSD card. I mainly listen in the car and at home (via Griffin Power Docks) or FiiO LOD in my other car and like just being able to plug the player in wherever I'm listening. Rarely use headphones.

So I'm looking for something with the following features:

Cost: Cheaper the better, but I don't really have a budget.

Capacity: Needs to match my existing Fuze's 40GB total. Any size if it will take a 32GB (or bigger) SD/micro SD card.

Sound Quality: Perfectly happy with the Fuze so similar/better.

Formats: Only really need MP3 audio. VBR and CBR.

Connectivity: Needs to connect to Line Level amp, so either Line Out or a headphone jack that will play nicely and sound ok. I need to be able to charge/power at the same time. I love my little Griffin Power Dock, but a seperate USB would be OK.

Playlists: Needs to be able to handle playlists of over 1000 tracks - my biggest gripe with the Fuze. Allowing duplicate entries in playlists (or track ratings/weightings) would be nice. The Fuze ignores duplicates.

Random Play: Sounds silly, but I want random play. I tried Rockbox once, which has a Shuffle mode which sucks. I want random music, not to listen to EVERY track in a random order. Intelligent random would be nice if it exists (not duplicating tracks/artists too often). Not essential though.

I like album art, so something that will display that while playing is a must.
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