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Like others have said, it is possible to install something in your car for the Clip+. By no means am I a certified expert on cars, but depending on your model, you have options.

The best option IMO is to buy a replacement stereo that has an AUX or USB jack. But sadly, for my car, I cannot replace the stereo. So my only option was a FM transmitter. You can check and see if your model can have the stereo replaced. If so, then I recommend that.

Don't get the cheap wireless FM transmitters. They will sound terrible and you won't want to listen to it. In my car (2006 Subaru Legacy) I installed a wired FM modular, and it works pretty well. Occasionally there's some background noise and static depending on the area (since it goes through a specified radio station, ex. 88.3 or 87.9 on my model) but besides that SQ is fine.

Here is a good article on some different options.

Good luck, and let me know if you have questions. And welcome to ABi .
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