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Originally Posted by The DarkSide View Post
Most of us want to put a playlist on via sync & have it play WITHOUT any special steps. Even renaming folders is more than I personally care to do,...especially since Cowon no longer has a lock on stellar sq.
I honestly don't understand how they can develop something that's so picky, but then give us no way to be able to determine that pickyness, and just have to guess randomly until it works.

Speaking of Sound Quality, what other companies can compete in that department?

In my frustration, I bought an X9 to see if it would be better in the playlist department. It wasn't. I like the device better than the C2, though, honestly, except for my fear that I won't be able to charge it in a week, because the thing has a horrible connector. Out of the box it won't stay connected to the USB port, and the connector that came with it doesn't even fit into the player! I've had to use my C2's connector to connect to my computer. Functionality wise I like it more, I prefer the larger screen, but I have no peace of mind that I will be able to charge it by the end of the month considering the connection problem.

If there's another company that has as good sound quality, I might return both devices and go for that instead, but I'm not exactly informed in the DMP/PMP world, so I have no idea what would be better to go for, because the hardware quality of Cowon has clearly diminished compared to what I've read about their older models.
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