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Originally Posted by jamaljan View Post

I've installed a few games that download some data online and after that it seems that my internal memory of SGP 5.0 is slow.

I've moved all the apps to SD-card, uninstalled a few apps but still there is not much difference.

-how can I increase the internal storage memory? any idea on how to delete unnecessary files? Any app which can do this?
I'm guessing that you mean the "internal SD" and not the root folder (ie /system or /data). You can go in and unclog it by yourself, IF you know what to look for. An app I know is SD Maid, but I don't know how well it works (haven't tried it myself/generally clean things out myself)

If you actually mean Internal storage, as listed by Android and NOT internal SD, that's trickier. Each folder in root have a specific amount of space allocated to each. (ie /data has xxx GB, /system has xxx MB) and the SGP doesn't have the most space. So. The main thing that'd be taking up space in your device, from what I think I've gathered, is the /data folder. You CAN delete, but may end up messing up your device depending on what you delete (deleting from /data generally won't brick your device, but since the app data is spread out between /data and /data/data, you'd need to know what to be looking for. If you mess up, you might end up with a headache [eg you think you've deleted something, but it still shows up on your device, but you can't re-install or uninstall it) I don't know any apps that would/could do this. The easiest choice would be to go to a lighter ROM OR delete apps that you don't use. (If you're on CM10, you should know that a good amount of space is taken by drivers and the like that makes JB possible on the SGP (ie less space in Internal) That or internal storage just has less space)

Obviously, if you decide to do thing manually, before doing ANYTHING at the level of root, back up your device.

Also, are you sure that it's the lack of internal space that's causing the slow down? If you have, as above poster mentioned, at least 33% free, then it might not be that. What exactly is slowing down? It'd also help if you mentioned what ROM you're on, as well as the specifics of your device and problems.

-I'm thinking of buying a 32Gb card, if i copy paste data from my 16gb card, will it work on 32gb card?
yes, if you copy exactly. (ie if you change the path [eg it was /storage/sdcard1/irate, but is NOW /storage/sdcard1/gyrate], it won't work)
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