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Originally Posted by sideways View Post
It really depends on how and where you train. I'll still say a stereo in the room playing music you like is preferable. It's just less stuff to get in the way of you doing your thing. You do not have to take time out to micromanage it and you don't have to keep checking if the wires are ok or worrying about snagging a cable. You don't need to roll your own if you choose the right gym.
its easy to do all of the cables securely and to make a playlist. I hit play and dont mess with it again. well, if I have to lay on my stomach I do flip the wires to my back, but that is infrequently. Like we both said, its a preference. I will love it when bluetooth is a little more viable option.

Originally Posted by RugbyPlayer View Post
If i were to drop the gym requirement how much would these suggestions change?

If i were looking purely at an audio player for sound quality purposes in that price range what would it be?

I have heard that the sansa clip is superb especially for its price range in terms of audio quality, but if i wanted something a grade above that? not necessarily the audiophile range by maybe just below? unless there is a decent audiophile player in that price range

Also would want to be able to use lossless audio files
here you will find the biggest difference in this site and a site like, say, head-fi. we operate in the real world. what can you see, hear, touch. they operate on paper and in graphs. In my experience there is a HUGE drop off is performance gain after a certain price point. These players like the hifiman are extreme wastes of money. same with a $500 set of universals. No some decent customs would be nice for the right person that uses them a lot. musician, etc. If you drop the gym from your requirement I just recommend the galaxy player 5.0 instead of 4.2 and max out your internal storage plus the biggest SD you can find. Then buy a couple of good IEMs of different flavors. Maybe a BA and dual dynamic or something. some yin to the yang. also, lossless on a portable device is a minimal gain over well encoded mp3s. First, the protable enviroment is "lossy" by nature. ambient noise, bone conduction from walking, breathe sounds from your own body, microphonics, etc etc. all of these create extra noise that negates the perceived benefit of not chopping those really high and really low frequencies that we can barely hear in a perfect environment anyway, if at all. At home in your acoustically treated listening room? lossless all the way. riding the bus to work? 320 mp3 is way better than fine. My recommendation is save yourself some space and go 320.

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