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In my experience it can take a while before an android device has discovered all of your tracks. My android phone used to take 'ages' to index them, but the Z2 appears to be significantly faster (I've got a 32 Gb sdcard loaded with music and a few gigabytes internal memory are used as well).

If you've updated tags in songs and they don't show then you might want to force a complete rescan of your library :
- go to the settings application
- chose 'privacy settings'
- select 'Media database update' : this will clear the database and re-index your songs
I've had to do this on my android phone once in a while as it would still list songs that I had removed.

Once indexed you can view your songs :
- file-system : this is a plane view of the file system that defaults to the 'Media' directory of your internal memory
- indexed by song
- indexed by album
- indexed by artist
- indexed by genre
You do this by starting the music player and touching the 'list' icon at the top right of the screen.

However I did notice that the player only plays songs that are in one 'folder' in your library.
ie :
if you pick the 'artist' view and chose an artist then the player will only ever loop through all songs by that artist. You can't create a playlist of several albums in the standard media player.

As a result I can only shuffle 'all songs' if you chose the 'all songs' view.

However as this is an android device and adding the google app store is possible (instructions in this thread : ) This gives access to lots of apps including alternative media players like Cubed (my personal favourite) The only disadvantage is that you can't use the pause/prev/next hardware buttons.
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