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I stopped using MM for creating playlists since 4.0 was released. I had other options that made me feel dealing with additional scripts weren't worth the hassle. The first of those is XMPlay. The other is MusicBee. I don't have a C2 so I don't know if they'll work on that but both create properly formed EXTM3U playlists that work everywhere else.

One of the DAPs I use both of them with is a Cowon iAudio 9. That doesn't mean they will work with the C2 but I think it may improve the chance they will.

Before you spend a lot of time with those you may want to check your save location. From what I've read Cowons with external cards can be picky about where you save a playlist. If you haven't yet I'd try the root of the player, the Music folder and the playlist folder if it exists. Not having a C2 I don't know if it creates those folders by default.

I would also be sure all the files from a playlist are from a single memory and saved to that memory. From the threads I've read when DSperber has helped members here and at iAudiophile get playlists working on the J3 having playlists that only had files from a single memory frequently meant the difference between a list working or not.
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