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Default FS: Cowon J3 32 GB (Black)

Sorry, J3 - you were an awesome companion, but I need to downsize my mancave. In the end I realized I use your pretty little Rockboxed rival (Clip+) far more, plus I can get a lot more money for you. <sniff> I hope you won't hold it against me.

If you're here you already know what an awesome player this is, so no need to elaborate on that. Asking for 200 euros or best offer (considering eBay items 221133309688 and 320995533299 this seems reasonable). Payment by PayPal or IBAN/SWIFT.

- This player is like new: it never left my kid-free/pet-free/smoke-free dungeon, and had its own velvet pouch and dedicated desk drawer.

- Of all the accessories, I've only kept the original white Cowon USB cable. Headphones were given away; box, CD-ROM and manual were lost during a move. Also, no microSD card - that's moving to the Clip+.

There are 4 ways to send this:
1) I fling the labeled parcel out the window and pray that some kind soul will mail it to you. ;-)
2) Regular priority airmail. 5 euros will get it anywhere.
3) Registered mail. 10 euros will get it anywhere.
4) Insured mail. 18 euros for Europe, 24 euros anywhere else.

Please note that for options 1-3, you'll need to PayPal me as "Gift - Personal". No offense meant, but I've been burned too often on Discogs and eBay by (fraudulent) PayPal chargebacks. So yeah, I'd like you to pick option 4, but I promise I'll swallow all PayPal fees.

See also:

If you pick option 4 I have to fill out a form with the real value. I'll indicate it as "Gift" on the customs form, but I have no idea if customs in your country will charge you anything. In other words: all custom fees and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

If you're feeling apprehensive, here's some feedback:

[Also posted on Reposted here with some minor edits.]

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For Americans, 200 EU = 261.4000 USD, for shipping 24EU = 31.3680 USD.
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Originally Posted by Mo. FryDaddy View Post
For Americans, 200 EU = 261.4000 USD, for shipping 24EU = 31.3680 USD.
Ouch! Thought the euro was hovering around 1.20 dollar.

Anyway, reasonable offers accepted - shit's gotta go. But no lowballing please, eBay is always an option.

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I want to buy this. But I'm waiting to see if Cowon will repair my broken player. I hope this isn't sold before I hear back. I just sent in a support ticket tonight. These things are hard to find!

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Buy this one as a back up and get the other repaired anyways,...

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@charliestl: it's not sold yet, but I'm negotiating with someone. Please message me your offer and location - thanks!

@The DarkSide: I like your thinking! ;-)

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Please check PM. Thanks.

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J3 still around? Check PM for email should you so prefer.
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Did you manage to sell it? If not I'd be very interested

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The linked headfi sales page shows that it was sold quite a while back.

That thread is closed so I'll also close this one.

Closed Thread

32 gb, cowon, j3

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