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oh, one thing. the hidden files I was referring to- they're available without root, but are hidden. Linux, adding a . before the files renders it invisible for the most part. I think the free ES Explorer's able to see these files (I know Root Explorer does for sure) if you tweek the settings. That'll allow you to save some data that you wouldn't be able to w/o if you were to do the manual method.

If your warranty's already expired though, it's probably a good idea to root since it's relatively safe, easy, and gives you control over your own device. If you're paranoid about accidentally deleting something, you do always have the option to unroot afterwards. (But really, you'd only have to worry about this if you go poking around in the system folders, like poking around in c:\Windows, and messing/deleting stuff) Another good thing about rooting and flashing a new ROM (OS) is that you can make a backup which'll restore your device to how it was when you saved it, an exact copy really, so that you really don't have to worry about backups at all. Me personally, I have backups spanning since last June so I'd be able to restore my device to how it was at any given "restore point."

Also, from what I gathered, for Gemini, you do need root in order to back apps up. at least, I tried with my device and it asked for root permission. Sry.

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