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Originally Posted by bascom View Post
I don't follow your analogy. Yeast protein (bread), glutamate (meat), and various salts aren't toxins. He wouldn't be concerned about them.
Its not my analogy, thats from the link you posted. That guy claims those are toxins that one should avoid consuming when in reality they're common substances that are generally safe to eat.

Originally Posted by bascom View Post
What in wikipedia would discredit or not support his claims?
Well for instance looking up what some of those so called 'toxins' are might have set him straight.

Originally Posted by bascom View Post
Seems like there is an endless supply of links in the news about this. Two more:

Vaccination & Vaccine Safety

The Easiest, Cheapest Way to Stay Healthy

"Frequent hand washing with soap and water can save you money—and misery—by helping you avoid medical bills, missed workdays, or having to stay home with a sick child. And you’ll also protect your friends and family: A CDC survey found that 40 million Americans a year fall prey to illnesses spread by hands, which can harbor up to 500,000 bacteria per square centimeter"
Those are much sounder sources of information.
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