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Originally Posted by Carson Dyle View Post
That's what I'd do. The Clip is essentially a throwaway, especially if you can find refurbs and don't pay for the higher storage models. Storage on microSDHC cards is much cheaper and doesn't die with the player.
Yeah true! I'm thinking more and more I must have just been incredibly unlucky with how it hit the ground too. With no little the player weighs I found it had to believe it can have enough force to smash itself falling just four feet without additional external force. Saying that it did bounce and I thought it was actually going to end up on the Tube tracks...

Although I did realise yesterday I actually have one of these in the lost property from an event ages ago. I did put out multiple messages on my event's Facebook page and similar trying to find the owner at the time with no luck so don't feel too guilty commandeering it...

Wonder how long before I can manage to break the touchscreen... Bet it lasts longer than my phone did
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