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Originally Posted by CDMP3PlayerFan View Post
Thanks for the information. I haven't considered altering the headphones, when I'm unsatisfied with a set of headphones I usually just try different pairs until I find one that suits me. The low cost of the HA-S140 (in the same price range as the HA-S160) made it easy to give them a try.

I haven't found either the HA-S160 or the HA-S140 uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, although I've found that the S160 stay in place better. Of the earpads I've tried, I've found that foam is the most comfortable.
Here's an idea. Find foam pads that will fit over the HA-S160 earpads. This will decrease the seal the headphones give, and decrease the amount of bass. If you can't find foam to fit over it, you could use cloth, then cut a hole in the center of the cloth, so the treble won't be blocked.

I just stretched out the HA-S160 even more, so now it gives very little pressure, around the same as the HA-S140. The bass is decreased quite a bit. This does decrease the isolation though.

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