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Old 01-04-2013, 02:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Kammie View Post
I appreciate a lot of people will perhaps think I'm weird, but I *hate* touchscreens, they don't suit me or my needs at all.
I don't think yer weird at all. I think touchscreens have their place, but not on small devices. 4.3 inch screen and touchscreen is viable. I have a Galaxy S2 smartphone and although i can't type properly on it in portrait mode, swinging it to landscape mode and I can thumb type pretty fast (this is prolly the best example of being fiddly with a touchscreen device).

I owned a psp3000 and still have my pspgo, both arn't touchscreens, but Sony's Crossbar navigation User Interface is superb, you can really get to where you want to go with ease via the directional crosspad etc (tho i wouldn't recommend these devices for your actual needs).

I too hated touchscreens so that my journey started of with the sansa range of goodies. First the clip, then the clip+, then a Fuze and also a clipzip (all of which are non touch).
The Fuze you might like and once rockboxed (custom firmware) you are presented with a plethora of Now Playing Screens to choose from as well has higher end audio tweaks and better navigating options etc.
Where the Fuze falls down is its screen isn't that great for video (tho it can do it). The clip range i would not recommend as they won't do video or jpgs well at all.
The Fuze + has a nicer higher quality screen than its predecessor tho its navigation is apparently very bad due to using 'touchscreen like' controls (tho its actually not a touch screen device). Some users report back that once its rockboxed things get alot better, for sure its a cheapish device, perhaps its a compromise you can live with.

My current player of choice is Cowon's C2, but its touchscreen sadly, and a little fiddly, other than that it trumps my other players in different areas, but certainly I was a tad quicker doing things on the sansa products.

You can't have everything, every device seems to have something that trumps another device. For me I was willing to forgo spending an extra 30-60seconds building that playlist on my C2 but to gain (what i felt) was better sound quality and certainly better battery life.

I guess my real point is I would reevaluate yer dislike of touchscreens if you actually have experienced a well executed touchscreen device (like an ipad or decent smartphone). Touchscreens definitely have their uses and places in technology, but on small mp3 player devices I think tactile is best. Rethink yer stance on touchscreens if yer thinking of buying a product with a fairly large screen, it does change things considerably.
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