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Old 12-30-2012, 02:31 AM
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I may be a little late on this but imo, or rather, in the conclusion to which I have come to from the knowledge I've gathered and extensive observations I've made, the J3 is only really good for midrange IEM headphones that sound great but need that little bit of correction (and probably ones that are more warm-sounding than not). There's a reason why it's so specific. I'd really have to dig into my reserves to rehash this deduction but ask if you really want my reasoning for it, only if for reasons which aren't for the sole intent of contradicting.

I've learned to start small and not just lay it all out there when the input is unwelcomed by so many people, so testing the waters first is always prefferable. I've also learned that even with the most logically presented rational thoughts, there's no use in trying to convince so I'm certainly not motivated enough to put in the thinking power and time only to have it backfire due to the often uncontrolled defensive mechanisms of people. I don't mind criticism; I actually welcome it! The type of which I describe is not at all based on being constructive and stupidity is a pet peeve of mine which often gets me banned everywhere so I'll leave it at that for now. Hopefully this forum empire is built on the philosophy that all its willing participants are of equal status so that it never comes to that point involving specific people feeling threatened of their falsely believed power. BUT ANYWAY...
(too long)

I will however leave this at the following.. For the intent of such a device, it does however end up working very well in the context of what it's made for which is really just relatively short-term listening pleasures during travel. This is why despite the (what I see as) limitation, there is nothing I think that will replace my combination of the Cowon J3 and Brainwavz M2 IEMs (and the EQ I have set for it) for a long time when it comes to portable listening. I have a feeling that a line-out connection could have alleviated most complaints I would otherwise have but unfortunately, the player doesn't have such an option which is strange considering it is one of the few which has line-in...

Considering the fact that this thread IS inquiring about the DAC, it has always been my suspicion that despite all the claims, the main problems SQ wise that the J3 has always been for me had to do with the implementation of the chip because I couldn't imagine it being the amplifier although I'm sure that's a contributor of other insufficiencies I feel the player has. Never got to really disect the problem and on the premise that I'm wrong, I mentioned the bit about line-out. It would certainly answer that question anyway...

PS- To answer your primary question, it's the BBE software which makes it great. If you're looking for outboard ways of manipulating a flat & neutral signal or simply looking to drive headphones which you feel are best suited uncolored and just the way they are, look elsewhere.

EDIT: Dammit!.. Because of I guess mostly my little rant, my post still ended up being long! I guess there's just no way around it... <facepalm> And no, not including that little paragraph wouldn't have been one. In short, it's pre-juistification for not providing detailed reasoning and at the same time to not have my statement(s) written off/passed as being conjectural. It may have been excessive though so I apologize, also in advance, for that...

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