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if you're not in the US, it'll prevent you from downloading certain apps. to get around that, get "marketenabler"

if it isn't compatible with the SGP (but really is) AND ***if you're rooted, you can simply change this entry in "build.prop" (located in your /system folder): "
"ro.product.model=YP-G70" to "ro.product.model=GT-I9000"
everything else can/should be left alone.

if your file explorer doesn't allow the option to open and edit, just copy elsewhere, rename as a .txt file, edit, then copy back.

backup the original file by "bak"ing it (ie rename to "build.prop.bak") in case you want to easily restore later (which you might want to do given that I remember seeing an incompatibility with a specific app/service). This tells your OS that that file ("") is a backup file. Leave it in the same folder and rename when you want to use it (overriding your then-current build.prop)

Note: If you do this, don't open Kakao until you've restored the original file. Otherwise, it'll "think" that you've changed devices and will make you do that annoying initialization/registration thing all over again.

Note: The trick I use to keep it from getting tedious is via "Root Explorer". Copy the original "build.prop" file elsewhere and modify. Copy and override the original "build.prop" The app will automatically ask if you want to save the file you're overriding as a backup. (ie "build.prop.bak.bak") Say yes. Voila; get rid of the .bak extensions when you want to use.

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