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This is taking a whole lot more effort to explain then I have the time for right now, but basically you can't do what your hoping to do with just a cable and a standard Laptop. That Cable is some kind of franken cable, either a complete scam, or then its been taken out of some janky products packaging and is being sold on its own. You won't find such a cable from any reputable cable vendors selection (Check

You need a USB sound card to connect the laptop to the receivers RCA inputs, and if you did that you'd basically be circumventing the receivers DACs anyway. You could basically use the laptops headphone out to do the same. Although I would wholeheartedly recommend an external USB sound card, no matter how cheap over using any laptops on board sound card. No matter how HD they claim it to be :P

I'd recommend looking into using an HDMI port to send audio over if your laptop and receiver have such ports. Otherwise just buy a 30$ USB sound card with the kind of ports you want.

*Edit* Oh and FiiO makes some really nice USB soundcards, the E10 and D3 come to mind, i'm sure you can find reviews on them here.

*Edit edit* And just noticed you figured the HDMI thing out while i was typing this post

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