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The packaging on the V1 and V2 models may be different where you're at but it hasn't been elsewhere. There have been threads where someone thought they came up with a way to reliably identify which model was in the box by the packaging and it never turned out to be the case.

Someone would track down the package that was suppose to have one model in it and it turned out to be the other. It's one of the reasons for the stickies in the sansa forums to help people identify the model they have by the only way anyone has found to be 100% reliable. That's to turn it on and check the firmware version.

You say you're very careful with your players but you also say you use them with them in your pants pocket with the headphones plugged in. I've found the hard way that doing that will break any player I've had at the headphone jack. You're sticking a solid copper rod into the middle of some relatively fragile electronics and then levering against it maybe thousands of time a day as you walk. If you squat or run the amount of force increases quite a bit.

After I killed a sansa e260, a RCA Opal and an iPod like that I figured it wasn't the player but how I was using it. Since I stopped carrying my players in a pants pocket none of the headphone jacks have broken. That includes the several Fuzes I've owned, gifted or sold. They've died other ways but not by the headphone connection going bad.

I'm not defending the Fuze build quality. I don't they're especially well made. It's just that if you use one in a way that tends to break just about any other player it's hard to assign the problem to a design flaw.
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