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Originally Posted by The DarkSide View Post
It's not always necessary, but it's usually recommended (unless the firmware update is broken). It can provide bug fixes, new features & enhancements, or just improve functionality.

About the UI, I'm really unsure right now. I'll reflash my D2's firmware this weekend when I have time, I won't know myself until then.

The final decision to upgrade the FW is up to the person.
I agree with TDS here, normally I look at the change log to see if any of the fixes help any firmware issue I have. If they don’t I’m not in any rush to update it but eventually do update my firmware after reading others experience with it. If I’m an early adaptor I try to take note of any pluses or minuses to post for others to know.

Originally Posted by BruceBanner View Post
Hey fatty,
Originally Posted by BruceBanner View Post
By the way i'm not in anyway affiliated with that Hulk Smash Guy, we're different members i think, i have always just been BruceBanner.
This is news to me
Originally Posted by BruceBanner View Post
I can't really help u in regards to firmware, I think mine came with latest, or I did latest and then went the route of custom.
You have a good deal of experience with the C2 by now and custom themes, you should tell the OP a little more about them …

From Cowon's site, here is the change log for you:
Cowon C2 Change Log:
*Fixed the error that library in browser was not updated after copying files into the internal memory when MicroSD card was inserted in the device.

*Fixed the error that bookmark and favorite lists were disappeared occasionally when MicroSD card was inserted in the device.

*Adjusted size and location of subtitles in TV-out option of Video mode.

*Fixed the error of repeating segment for video files which were shorter than 30 seconds in Video mode.

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